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Apr 18, 2011 |
I have an uncle that lives in taiwan. he's probably the uncle my sister and i are closest to in taiwan. I was showing my aunt pictures of Ji (the girl's hair that i'm doing for her wedding)'s hair from her hair trial and she told me to send it to him because he's super fast on the internet now (which i totally canNOT imagine LOL!)

Now, a little background on my uncs- he's really skinny, with not much hair on his head and huge glasses. he's your standard looking "nerd" lol -- when he came to america, he wanted an english name and named himself TOFU because he loved to eat it LOL.

Anyway, so my aunt made me email him and i had NO CLUE what to write because usually we speak in chinese, so I had to write the letter in simple fashion because I was afraid he wouldn't understand..

My email to my uncle! (JoJo is what we call him in chinese)


This is Jessica, your niece. Your sister FANG HUI wanted me to send you my hair designs. I did this girl's hair. It will be for her wedding. 

I miss you all! Take care! 

And his response? 

I just received your messages . We know you are perfect .

LOL! amazing. 

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