Terrible day - cute convos :)

Apr 27, 2011 |
Today was a super tough day student teaching. The kids were rowdy and off the walls and were really difficult today... but man... sometimes they just say the FUNNIEST things.

A: So Ben 10 (ben ten?) Ben 10 ... I love Ben 10.
Teacher: A, we hear you talk about this all day, I don't want to hear it anymore. If you want to talk about something, I want to hear you talk about something else.
A: (pauses)
A: (pauses for longer)
A: Every day my breath smells the same.
A: Smells like hot.


In Music Class:

So the kids in the class have 'music shares' where they take turns and bring in music shares. One kid brought in a tingtings song shut up and let it go and he didn't know if it was appropriate.

Teacher: So would any of you students feel offended if we played it?
Students: No.
Teacher: Do any of you think your parents would feel offended if we played a song with the word shut up?
Students: Um... Hmm...
E: My parents wouldn't be offended because they tell me to 'shut up' all the time.


In Music Class:

Now the kids are singing 'The Magic School Bus' theme song for their concert... they are trying to figure out who/what they want to be and what their costumes should be.

Teacher: K, what do you want to be?
K: Bus.
Teacher: H, what do you want to be?
H: Bus.
Teacher: E, what do you want to be?
E: Bus.
Teacher: Does anyone NOT want to be the bus?
S (raises hand): I want to be a girl!
TA: Well there are three girls- one of the girl's name is Phoebe.
S: OH YEAH, that's who I want to be! Beefy.

LOL ... too much <3
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