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May 24, 2011 |
This story is dedicated to one of my best friends, Steph - who is the ultimate biker that can do it all.

This is a true story of a biker who apparently has the worst luck EVER.

It was a beautiful sunny day (clearly not this week) and I was walking with my friend who fractured her leg. She was in this awful walking boot and was using a crutch. Poor thing. We were walking our dandy little way down the street to grab some coffee before class. COMPLETELY normal day.. but that was probably where we went wrong to begin with because NYC is never normal.

As we were chatting about something that was insignificant (because I cannot remember), I noticed something weird wobbling around from the corner of my eye. I turn around.. and you know what I see?

This man on a bike... with a long black and grey beard, overly washed navy zip up hoodie that was probably a size too large and a pair dirty, scruffy jeans. Left hand on his handle, right hand pulling a rolling suitcase.  Wait what?

Now, if this isn't the funniest image already, he was wobbling out of control down hill on broadway, which is a major street with many, many cars rushing down to get to their destinations.

Oh my goodness. My eyes went wide, inside holding back laughter and I contemplate whether or not I need to take out my video camera. LOL, I wish I did. Because you know what happened?

He wobbled so out of control he went crashing straight into a Mercedes SUV. Of course he didn't just knock into the sidewalk, or the ghetto silver car in front of it, but straight into the most expensive car on the street.

Now,  by this time, I'm almost laughing out loud (but not yet), and I'm thinking this man has got the worst luck in the world. And my poor little friend, being the Oregonian she is, hobbles her quick little booty over to make sure the man is OK. Now it wasn't enough that this poor man just epic fail-ed himself into a bling-ed out car... now we have a girl with a walking boot and crutches running over to pick up his bike. BAHAHA. (obviously I ran over and helped too)

Story over?

Nope. So remember when I said that this man was having the worst luck ever? HAHA... well, when we thought it was all over, the owner of the car, who was sitting in the front seat of his car the whole time, steps out of his car... does not even ask the man if he's okay, and looks for scratches on his car. haha. that's New York for you ;)

Anyway, after we did our nice deed, we went back to the sidewalk to go to class and start BURSTING out laughing. until we saw the old lady in leather pants on rollerblades reading a book. -_____-

Moral of the story? For all you overachievers and multi-taskers... sometimes you gotta know when you are taking on too much. AKA. Steph, don't be biking your way to the airport on Saturday Morning with your suitcase ;) HAHA JK! <3

:) Tennessee on Saturday for a wedding! Catch y'all lataaaa!
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