Rules of the Classroom

May 24, 2011 |
I'm done with student teaching and although I'm so glad I get to sleep in, I'm SO sad that I dont get to see them anymore. I miss the kiddies!

Anyway, a week and a half ago we have a moderately autistic child that has some trouble keeping calm and not calling out in class. He often enjoys doing things he is not supposed to do, then saying the rule and saying "Time to make a change." -- Ie. He will spit on the floor, then say "There's no spitting... Time to make a change now." As frustrating as he is, he's just such an adorable child that you just want to hug and squish!

We decided that because he enjoys to say all of the rules, we would give him a sheet of paper so he can write all of the rules on the paper. When he starts to recite the rules, we would remind him to use his paper to write the rules. These are the rules that he came up with.

All seems normal until you reach the end...

No Crunch? 

bahahaha too cute.
heart what i do <3 
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