Boscia BB Cream Review

May 23, 2011 |
So after being SO excited to try the Boscia BB cream, I can tell you guys that I'm disappointed in the product. SIGH! So before I show you any swatches, let me explain to you my life story with this product.

I went to Sephora all excited because I anticipated on buying my very first dior palette (which by the way i LOVE!) and trying out the Boscia BB Cream. I ventured over to try out all the Dior palettes first. Of course 15-20 minutes later, my hands were beautiful and sparkly filled with different pigmented and fun shadows.

Anyway, after I took it off, I went over to the Boscia BB Cream and tried it on. It was a thicker consistency than other BB Creams I tried and it was much darker than a lot of the BB Creams I own. When I smoothed it out, it was still very thick, but became a little bit watery (but I dont think it's a water BB Cream!?). After smoothing it out, it felt really really nice! I was pleasantly surprised with the product. I noticed some glitter on my hands and fingers, but come on now, I'm in sephora, swatching millions of shadows, that's bound to happen :)

I get home and I'm playing with it some more when I realize... wait now, wait now. The glitters are from the BB Cream!!! What? EW! Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE my shimmers. I love high beam & the lioele silky touch highlighter (THANKS WEN!) -- but this was glitter. glitter bits all over! And again, I might like some glitter.... but when it's BB Cream to put over my whole face? -- no thank you!

About 20 minutes later, I notice on my skin that the BB Cream became a bit ashy and really sunken in (meaning that I knew I would have a hard time getting it off) - despite the fact that it had a bit of a watery texture. Lo and behold, it was a bit difficult for me to rub off. - boo!

Overall, the product itself is not terrible. It's a great option for those that don't have porcelain skin - because the color is a bit darker and a bit more pink (rather than light and grey!)

As you can see in the swatches below - I compared the Boscia with all Skin79 products. From the bottom up, it's the Skin79 hot pink, then Skin79 Diamond, then Skin79 luminous and then Boscia. As you can see from the picture below, the Boscia is much thicker in texture than the other products. The rest of the products are way more liquid-y.

Here are all the products semi blended, then completely blended out. Lol, I'm not sure what kind of lighting I have in the first picture to make my skin look so tan (I didn't use flash), but the second was with natural lighting.

As you can see, the Boscia is pretty accurate to my color, in fact, its almost a bit dark/orange-y. So I'm an NC25, so if you are like 30+, I would say this color would probably be a good match for you.

Here are the swatches of the luminous skin79 bb cream next to the Boscia - so you can see the difference between something luminous and something sparkly.

As you can see, the left, which is the skin79 is luminous and has a nice sheen to it, where as the boscia has sparkly bits in it. Dang, I hope you can see the bits. It's very apparent in real life.

Below are just little glitter bits that the boscia left behind: 

So overall, I was really sad this didn't work out because I do really love Boscia products (especially the luminizing black mask and their blotting sheets!) - it was just way too sparkly and the longer I kept the product on, the drier the product felt on my skin.

This doesn't mean it won't work for everyone - I would say if you have a darker skintone, are more on the combo, oily side and love sparkles, this could really work for you! I would say go to the store and try the heck out of it! But sadly for me, it went back to Sephora.

Hope this was helpful! :) xoxo
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Unknown said...

oh that sucks :( I really like the Boscia brand too... Ugh...why would they put glitter flecks in their BBcream!? I'd expect better from such a wellknown Asian brand.

Fi said...

That just seems weird to have a bbcream like that. I was hoping this would be a great bbcream

??? said...

wow thats big chucks of glitter on BB no plus the colour is too dark~~~it sux that this product has glitter...i mean who puts glitter in their bb cream/foundation...thats just absurd...

Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


Anonymous said...

I actually really liked it! To me, I swatched it on my wrist, and there wer tiny flecks of it. I also liked the coverage it's buildable to your desire. Sorry it didn't work out for you!

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