Boston Boston I ate your Banh Mi

Jul 11, 2011 |
I went to Boston this week with Jess for her friend's wedding. On our drive there, it was raining and we hit a lot of traffic , it made me grum grum but lucky I ate my Qdoba burrito beforehand so I was just a little bit of grum. Jess was grum grum too but we both felt better after some Mcdonald (Mango Pineapple smmmoothie = 10 thumbs up).

The wedding was fun, during the ceremony, Jess did not hold on to the program like she suppose to so her program was flying around as the couple say I do. I like the photobooth at the banquet, it was nice except they did not have props so without the rubber sword, I can't look like a pirate. I bumped into an old friend at the wedding, I introduced her to Jess, Jess was jeally a little. I see flames in her eyes.

Sunday we went to church, Jess got a haircut afterward (15 thumbs up for Jess short hair cutie) then we went to eat, we got Banh Mi, I wasn't too hungry so I only brought 6.

grum grum level +1
cry cry level 0
jeally level +1
cutie level +1
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