Contest Winners! :) THANK YOU!

Jul 12, 2011 |
I was very skeptical doing my contest with the theme of 'inner beauty' -- I felt like it was difficult to do and that people would not be very receptive to the idea or that people wouldn't want to even bother thinking of doing a response.

I was and am so overwhelmed and filled with joy to see all of the positive feedback from you all! Thank you all for allowing me to truly be me and embracing it. :D

Anyways! I have picked the contest winners!!! I had a team of friends watch the videos and rate each one from 1-7. 7 being the one they liked the most, 6 being second most, and so on. At the end, I took everyone's numbers and added them up. I thought this would be the most fair way of doing this so its not biased in any way!

The winner is... *Drumroll please!*

I remember when at first you didn't think this video was 'good enough' -- and i laughed out loud, because I LOVE your video!!! Your stories were beautiful and touching and I can tell that you put so much hard work and effort to make this video. Everything was so thoroughly thought out and creatively made. I loved when you showed me the video of you and your mom. Your video was just so wonderfully made and the lessons and advice you give are inspirational. Thank you so much for your entry :)

Second place goes to....
I absolutely loved how yours was so short, sweet and to the point. You have a way of carrying yourself confidently and beautifully. I loved your definition of inner beauty. I think you should be an inspirational speaker!!! :D

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and love you put into your videos!

To all the other girls, you all did an AMAZING job. I wish I could give you all prizes, but then I'd be broke lol. I cannot begin to thank you girls enough for putting time and effort into doing this! It means so much to me :)))))

Thank you Katie for being the first person to put up a video because you thought it was a worthy giveaway. You are so adorable and I LOVE your accent! I loved your stories and thank you for even doing the video when you were ill. <3

Thank you Amy for being the cutest little button!!!! When I watched your video, it made me want to hop inside the video and hug you! lol :) You have the cutest voice and had such awesome advice and i loved your little written props :)

You did an AWESOME job on your very first video/slideshow! You should be proud because my first video was nothing compared to yours! you have great photos to really capture inner beauty!

You are beautiful!!!! Thank you for posting it even though you thought you made "mistakes" - it just shows that even though we are flawed, we can all still beautiful.

What a great slideshow and voice over! I really appreciated how you talked about how skewed our views are now because of celebrities! You have so many beautiful quotes in the video that I saved to put as inspiration! thank you!

Now for the Comment Winners:



Congratulations to all the winners!! :) 

Please email me within 48 hours @ with your mailing address and the charity you would like me to donate to! Make sure that it is a charity that is legitimate and safe to donate to. I could either mail out cash/check or donate online (through a secure site) to the charity. :)
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MemomMon said...

Thank you so much Jess! I sent you an email. This was the best contest and like I told you before, I didn't envy you at all having to pick a video winner. Those girls all did terrific jobs!

adinasbeauty said...

Congrats ladies! I stalked through some entries, and I have to say that all of you did an amazing job!

ShannaBananaPhone said...

Oh my goodness c: !
Thank you so much!

And I completely agree with memommon; Watching those videos, I don't envy you picking a winner. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Unknown said...

Congrats to everyone that won your videos were great !
Thank you so much for hosting this contest jessica you are a truly kind person :)

Unknown said...

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