Antipodes Grapeseed Cleanser Review

Aug 23, 2011 |

Butter is right...

Product: If you like your cleansers foamy, liquidy or runny, you will be very surprised with this product! haha! I actually love this product, but I can see how people may believe that it's too tedious or annoying... but this product is awesome and extremely effective!

How to use: Use a small amount and massage all over face. Once you believe your face is clean (lol, or when your make up is all off), use a warm, damp wash cloth (I use a soft wash cloth, and 2x a week I use the Pai muslin cloth for extra exfoliation) to gently wipe away product. 

Texture: If you've ever tried Ultrabland from LUSH, it has a similar concept. It has a thick Vaseline texture and is extremely oily when first placed on your face. It kinda made me feel like I just slathered lip balm ALL over my face. 

Effectiveness: This product takes make up off like a DREAM. Although it does take a bit longer than conventional make up cleansers, this is extremely effective in taking off every single spot of make up off your face without having to pull or tug.

Scent: It has a quite 'all natural' smell - to me it smells of lavender and herbs, which is enjoyable for me... but my boyfriend thought the smell was disgusting. HAHA! This product does linger a bit on your face after cleansing, which I personally like since I use it at night before I go to sleep.

Suitable skin types: I thought this would be terrible for my face because of the thick oily texture, but my oily and dry, combo skin all liked this product. 

Who will like this? 
Anyone that wears heavy waterproof products that need help getting make up off easily or anyone that wants to really deep clean their skin :D

Who won't like this? 
Anyone who likes to wash their face quickly or easily. If any of you fall under this category - I used to as well, but I've learned to use this product every day and honestly, my face feels SO clean every night! It's awesome!

Check out my awesome friend, Elisha, who does an awesome demo of the product! :)

Hope you will check out this product. I've really been loving the Antipodes lines that was sent to me from -- I can't wait for their launch in a couple of weeks!

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