Vacation time!

Aug 23, 2011 |
This week Jess and I went to North Carolina to visit my cousin Stephen, we had a lot of fun, we went to see animals and I put glow in the dark lotion on my face so I can glow. Jess was grumgrum a lot this week because it was hot and she don't want to walk. Her bicycle shorts were also ripped and have 3 big holes, not a good sight.

Jess like to take a bite of the food and then tells me that someone took a bite out of the food, I got trick once with my Big Mac, she took a bite and said someone ate it, I was going to exchange it and then realize she was laughing... i got mad and farted in the car and locked all the door and windows.

a few days ago, she tried to do it again and when she look me in the eye and said someone took a bite outta the food, I laughed really hard cuz there was bread crumbs right on top of her mouth as she tries to trick me again.

Im going to Las Vegas tomorrow, I hope to win a lot of stuff animals!

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