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Dec 30, 2011 |
My beautiful and wonderful friend (that I miss oh so much), Rae from theraviewer.com or from Raeview on the tube, was the one that first introduced me to the Edward Bess line. I dont know about you, but when I think of their ultra chic packaging with this sexy name, I immediately think of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl... then I feel weak at the knees and feel the need to pick up every single thing.

Ok. That might be a bit of an exaggeration... but the quality of their products? Certainly NOT an exaggeration!

I picked up two products because let's be honest, they are gosh darn pricy. The price of these two products could've gotten me a nice hour long massage at my favorite joint. ha!

Anyway, I picked up the gloss in Amor and the lipstick in Secret Desire.

Let's discuss this lipstick shall we? Secret Desire is a wonderful every day, peachy neutral color. I wanted to pick up a color I would wear very often... if I'm going to spend that amount of money on a product, I better be using it! I have no complaints about this product besides the fact that it makes me want to buy more EB lipsticks! The only thing I'd have to say is that the lipstick itself feels quite wobbly in the packaging - so I have to be very careful! I dont want my little sweetie pie to break! (Although the picture seems dark, the color in the tube is darker than the color that shows up on my lips)

Oh the gloss!!! It's just so durn purdy! It's a beautiful magenta color that is bold on its own, but does a great job at enhancing other lip colors when it is topped above a lipstick. It is quite versatile, if you ask me! It can easily be dressed up or used for a casual look! The downside to this product is the packaging! I don't know what kinda baby thin lips Edward Bess has, but the applicator only gives me enough product for 1/4 of my lip. I find that I have to dip the gloss 4-5 times before I achieve the color I would like on my lips.

And for my usual breakdown:

Texture: Lipstick - The texture is nothing that I've ever felt. It's light weight, yet extremely moisturizing.. incredibly rich and silky at the same time. Because of this strange but awesome concoction of feelings, it slides on nicely across the lips and doesn't really fall in the cracks of my dry a$$ lips. Gloss - It is a nice thick consistency that has great wearing power. I like that it made my lips feel really moisturized - especially in the winter wind, my lips felt nicely protected.

Pigmentation: Both are wonderfully pigmented without too much effort, but not over the top opaque so it looks like you put a layer of plastic on your lips. I would recommend trying them out at the store or looking up swatches because occasionally some of the lipstick colors are not the same in the tube as it looks on the lips.

Lasting Power: The lipstick held on for the same amount as any other moisturizing lipstick - maybe 1.5-2 hours, but the gloss had phenom lasting power of around 3-4 hours! YAY!

Smell: They both smell the same.... which is AMAZING. I have absolutely NO idea what the smell is like, but it smells slightly floral, but more sweet. Has sort of a fruity smell too. so a sweet flowery fruit? whatever the smell is, it is a beautiful scent that is not overpowering and not gross!

Packaging: LOOKS SO PRETTY. It's simple yet sophisticated. looks kinda badass if you ask me. Unfortunately, I think besides the look, the packaging is kind of poorly built. The lipstick, although nice and heavy, feels kind of wobbly on the inside. I am not the most careful, but I know that it wasn't me that made the lipstick wobbly inside the case. Now I have to be extra careful when I am applying.
The lip gloss applicator was an extreme disappointment too. I guess they don't want you to waste the product... but it almost seems like they don't want you to use it either :P I find myself dipping the applicator in the tube multiple times before I get the color I want.

Price: Ouch. $32 for a lipstick, $30 for a gloss.

Overall: It is worth every penny I spent. It is an investment, but the products are extremely high quality and my lips will thank me (they better) in the long run. Products like these make me think... rather than buying a billion mediocre products, I can just buy one or two of these high quality products and be set forever! I would recommend all people that want to look beautiful to give these a try. You will thank me... although your wallet may not.

Pros: Amazing quality, beautiful colors, long lasting, smells yum!
Cons: Pricy, packaging is wonky. 

PS. Sorry there are no swatches. I took these pictures when I first got the products and didn't realize I never had picture swatches. Now I am in bed and too lazy to get up to take the pictures since I am almost done writing this post ;D HAHA! 
PPS. Sorry I said the word a$$ so much! It just felt so necessary! 

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