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I recently won a giveaway through my good friend - iamminkyx3! I never win giveaways, so when I do, I get SO excited! She raved about this site that sells amazing vintage inspired clothing. I was a bit weary because they are a bit on the pricy side.

I just received my dress last week and I am officially hooked. I got to pick from a bunch of dresses - and I decided to choose the Boogie Woogie dress. I liked it because of the fun detailing on the skirt and its versatile nature... you can wear it for an every day occasion, but can dress it up as well!

It's $88 dollars of pure gorgeousness. The quality of this dress feels great. It's thick and stretchy and fits perfectly. The one complaint I have about it is that it's a bit static-y, but I mean, I'll be honest what is sateen without static ;) Also, it is cap sleeved, which looks eh on me (so I will definitely be wearing a cardigan), but I mean that's really my arm's fault and not the fault of the dress LOL.

I went back on the site, and i have been wanting to buy fun 'bridal' stuff - and I happen to run into this GORGEOUS tulle skirt. It's the Tinsel Town Skirt and has fantastic written all over it. O M G. I cannot... seriously!!! I cannot take it! It's FANTASTIC. I'm pretty sure I will be wearing this skirt EVERY SINGLE DAY until my wedding. I want to wear it with a cute button down for a casual look or with a fantastic sequins/glittery top for a "HELLO LOOK AT ME I'M GOING TO BE A BRIDE" look! I cannot wait for her to arrive! I will definitely post pictures of the skirt in all its glory! (They also have it in black, which is kinda calling my name too LOL.)

It's crazy... but I'm actually really eyeing this Malt Shop dress too. . . (bridal shower? rehearsal dinner? so pretty!?)

Guess what? You can get 15% off (like I did) by clicking through this link for any of your purchases. (It really makes a difference!) And I love that there is no shipping $!!!! ALSO, something really great about this site is that if the dress/clothes are not the right size, you can return it and they will ship a new dress to you for free :) 15% off coupon for you through this link :) [this is an affiliate link that I got from making a purchase]

I was not asked to review the site in any way, shape or form. In fact, people at shabbyapple don't know I exist, so this is pure honesty typing through my fingers :) 
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