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I was reallyyy excited about the new lip colors in the shop mac collection! I hopped onto the maccosmetics site and ordered them as soon as I could!!! Here is just a little haul of some of the goodies I picked up from that collection and the vera spring 2012 collection & some swatches :) 

Here is the Pearlmatte face powder in Sunday Afternoon. It's a wonderful bright pink, fuchsia, and pale pink color. I would have swatches of this, but I may give this away to a friend or have a giveaway with it. It's not the color I thought it would be :( -- but it has such a cute little lady bug print on it - and is so girly! 

Here are the pretty 4 stack of metallic crushed pigments in Aloha. Its a really pretty set of neutral, frosty colors. I'm really impressed with the color pay off and can't wait to play with them. Unfortunately, just swatching them caused such a mess! I am reminded why I hate using pigments because of the loose products that get lost everywhere. I agree with Temptalia in that I wish it was more similar to the pressed pigments such as the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill! Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous set of colors! 

I think the stars of the newest collection: the pretty lipsticks!!! 

Watch me Simmer - which is a FANTASTIC bright coral-y color. It is an amplified finish. It is perfect for the warmer weather - I cannot wait to whip this out to wear it! :) 

Quick Sizzle - I was most excited about this color because I am in LOVE with hot pink/magenta-ish color, but I'm even more excited because it is a matte formula, which I have been obsessed with recently! What beautiful color pay off - I was so excited about this color, I put it on right away! It's currently on my lips! :) 

Did you guys haul anything from the new Spring 2012 MAC collections? What were you most excited to see?? :) 

Have a great day xx 

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Unknown said...

ahhh i need that watch me simmer lipstick.... its so pretty and so my color

Wendy Bentley said...

eeek!! love everything, so excited to receive mine! :D luff you mucho xo

Beauty Box said...

You made me excited to check out MAC's spring cute!!

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