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I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive Jurlique blogger event at the Jurlique boutique in New York City. It was a great event where I got to meet other bloggers from the area while getting introduced to the new Jurlique skincare lines and products.

I've been a long time lover of Jurlique - with their luxurious, natural feel and innovative technology, so I was extremely excited to know more about the new products that were launching. When I was younger, I remember for one birthday, I wished to use Jurlique products every day, but with their expensive price tag, I just couldn't afford to live to that luxury ;) Can you believe those are the things I wished for? These products are no joke. Now 5 years down the line, I'm so honored to be at this event, being able to choose products I hope to try :)

If you don't know, Jurlique was founded by a couple in 1985 and they were looking for the purest of ingredients - which they found in a farm in Australia :) Jurlique has been dedicated to providing a naturally active, innovative and effective beauty care for their customers. Their products contain highest quality and innovative ingredients to provide maximum results. They strive to maintain at least 95% natural ingredients while using recyclable materials to package your products. You can read about their environmental commitment here


They launched some new collections and products and here they are! 

The Rose Moisture Plus Collection
Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex, a dual-benefit, high performance skincare range for luxurious hydration and protection against environmental aggressors, in three easy steps. Developed exclusively around Jurlique’s classic blend of rose essential oils, this system is specially formulated to target the first signs of moisture loss, delivering long-lasting moisturization and antioxidant protection.

The Purely Bright Collection
Purely Bright Even skin tone naturally in 30 days with these powerful concentrates to help reduce appearance of skin discolorations and protect against premature aging.

The Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask
A hydrating and revitalising high performance gel mask infused with antioxidant beads that release Vitamin E to help address the first signs of ageing and protect the skin against environmental aggressors. Leave skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant.leaving skin feeling smooth and nourished.

We were lucky enough to score goody/swag bags from the Jurlique team, which was so sweet of them. And for me, incredibly amazing because these were some of the products I wanted to purchase. (Jurlique, my wallet thanks you!) Here are the products and my initial thoughts!
This line has such a beautiful rose scent to it. I generally do not like the smell of roses, but it has a wonderful light true rose scent. It is a thicker cream, so I'm really excited to whip this out during the cooler weather when my skin needs that extra hydration. 

Oh dear Lord, I was looking forward the most to this product. I couldn't justify purchasing it because I have like 10834 serums to get through... but this is one of the smoothes serums I have ever tried. After you massage it in your skin, you really feel the product sink in and nearly plump up your skin with hydration. I'm REALLY looking forward to using this product and seeing if it does in fact help even out my skin tone (for my wedding!! please :D)
This was another product I was excited to purchase. Good thing I got it now! It has these amazing little vitamin E beads so you know that you are getting all the nutrients your skin needs. You leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off and it feels SO lovely. My skin feels soft and supple and not irritated. I can't wait to see the long term effects of this product! 
Thank you so much for reading my post :) You can see my Jurlique Vlog here where I recorded the event and my good friend Dot getting a facial! See how it's run in the Jurlique Store! :D Thank you again to Ellie, Diana, Julie, Janice and the whole Jurlique team for this amazing experience! 

And for all of you - a little goodie for my readers! With the code JUNEROSE and a purchase of $50 or more on the jurlique website, you can get a deluxe size sample of the Rose Moisturizing Cream (which is good for around 3 weeks!)

You can visit the Jurlique Spa in NYC at 477 Madison Avenue. 

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