May's youtuber fave: EleventhGorgeous

I've been following Stef and Tracy for as long as I can remember. I think I loved watching them so much because they were fun and vibrant... and were sisters! That always makes me happy because it reminds me of my sister and me. <3 heartssss!

I recently got to meet them at IMATS in NY at the StyleHaul get together. I kinda wanted to pee a little because I was like holy crap! it's eleventhgorgeous.......!!! I needed to find some kinda excuse to talk to them (haha!), so I creepily snuck myself over and complimented Stef on her bracelet and then began chatting with her. Dude these girls were the sweetest girls by far. They were so easy to chat with and honestly, they are not much different than their videos. They are just as fun and vibrant!

Ok. I realized just now how creepy and stalkerish I may have just sounded. I apologize. but they are that amazing. . . LOL

They do great reviews, tutorials, ootds and hauls - and have great taste for drugstore and higher end products. I ALWAYS love their choices in nail polish colors and arm candy.

Recently, they even made this amazing DIY video where they made cheap cute jewelry into a hot neon trend by adding nail polish to it. Um, genius?!! I think so.

You can watch that video here:  

I adore these girls and have gotten to really admire them more and more after I got to meet them in real life. On top of that, their interaction with each other and their viewers make it seem as if you are chatting with them in real life rather than really being miles away... thus why they are one of my May Youtuber Favorites!! I definitely recommend checking them out if you want to have a good laugh or have a good ol' time. You can watch their videos HERE! Click it! you'd be a fool not to!

Heart you girls!

Also, they are in the running for King of the Web! You can vote for them here! :)
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