ActivESSENCE Fragrance Mist Review

I will start off by saying... I'm NOT a fragrance mist person. When I first think of fragrance mist, I think of myself in middle school buying bath and body works sprays, spraying myself after gym and then having a sneeze attack because the scents were so potent that my nose couldn't handle it (lol). So you can imagine my hesitation to try these products when the brand reached out to me. However, I decided to conquer my fear of fragrance mists and here are my thoughts!

ActivESSENCE says that it is a high quality, affordable fragrance that offers up to 12 hours of fragrance plus instant refreshment and skin-loving benefits. It has time release microencapsulates which extend the wear of fragrance while leaving your skin soft and fresh all day long. It's packed with essential oils, natural extracts and vitamins! It even claims to provide instant moisture and soothes skin after exposure to sun, heat and other stressors! 

I decided to try it in the morning. I only used one or two sprays, so I can't be certain of the moisture or soothing qualities (and I dont really anticipate me spraying it multiple times to try and get there) however, I did notice right off the bat how strong the scent was. Although it was initially very strong, the scent began to meld into my skin and left a beautiful scent. 

As I went about my busy day (like I was SUPER busy!) I kept getting whiffs of scent. It was surprising because even my 'best' perfumes don't last longer than 6 hours. I generally have a travel size in my bag to respray! However, by the time I got home from work and an event at night - I will say, it did last. It was still holding tight, lingering on after a 15 hour day. 

These two were by far my favorite two scents. The french vanilla lavender has a gorgeous floral, sweet lavender scent that I really loved putting on after a shower. The scent lingered all night!!! But I'm always partial because I love the lavender scent!!

Tropical Coconut coast was such a fun, sweet but tangy scent! It has coconut blossom, tiger lily, amber and verbena. It was the perfect mix to make you feel like you're celebrating summer. It is a fun scent without too much sweetness!

I quite liked exotic cherry blossom as well. I feel like you can really do cherry blossom incorrectly.. but they did it right! It is sweet, but floral - a little citric-y and the perfect blend for a sophisticated scent. I would actually consider wearing this as a 'perfume'!!

Moroccan Orchid and Amber was an incredibly warm scent. It is spicy, vanilla-y, and very warm. I imagine this would be a great scent on a cool winter evening. 

Lastly was the Citrus Splash. This scent was a bit young for me - so I would never actually wear this on my skin. However, It made the perfect 'bathroom' or 'kitchen' scent. It has just the right amount of brightness to smell fresh! 

I also wanted to note that the spray was very fine and the spray diameter was very large. In one spritz, it covers a lot of surface area! I feel like because of this you'll be able to use these for FOREVER!! 

Overall, I really enjoyed these. Although I'm still not the biggest fan of fragrance mists, I could see why people love them. I think these are a huge step up for all the fragrance mists out there in this world - these are so long lasting (LIKE REALLY LONG LASTING) and their scents are getting more sophisticated! These would definitely be worth a shot since they are relatively inexpensive and you can throw them in your bag! 

You can find these for $7.99 at Walgreens, CVS,, or :) 

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