Jouer Mermaid Collection: Unicorn and Skinny Dip Topper!

Jouer Cosmetics launched a new summer collection: Mermaid Collection of fun pastel colors! The products launched are 5 highlighters, 4 shadows, 4 new lip cremes, a lip topper, and a luminizing body lotion! 

I was (of course) most excited about the new lip cremes and lip topper! I picked up Unicorn naturally because of its name, which is a matte soft lilac and I picked up Skinny Dip which is a GORGEOUS shimmery glittery fun lip topper that can make any matte lip creme rock! 

You all know how much I already LOVE the Jouer matte lip formula - you can find my review here. The weightless lip creme is consistent throughout all shades and does not disappoint. Many of the shades dry down to a darker matte finish than shown from the tube - however, Unicorn doesn't. It remains true to the color in the tube. Below is a swatch - I apologize for the terrible lip job because I had no mirror and used my cell phone camera, so its not as precise as I like it :P 


Skinny Dip - for me was by far the star of the show. It's unique sparkly fun is the perfect addition to any matte lip. It brings any lip color life, fun and sparkle! I'm not usually a sparkly lip fan, but this one just adds such an elegance and fun (reminds me so much of what Jouer stands for!), it was a must have. It's gorgeous golden sparkle is a creamy lip gloss-ish formula. It doesn't dry down and allows your lips to feel more hydrated like a lip gloss would. This actually is kinda turning me to the dark side of more metallic, sparkly colors... and now i'm COMPLETELY regretting not getting the other metallic lip cremes (especially fairy!) 

Unicorn with Skinny Dip on top!

Skinny Dip (Top), Unicorn (Bottom) 

Swatches with unicorn LOL! 
And I mean come on --- look at that glittery goodness in all its glory!!! :-D

You can purchase the whole collection on :) Will you be picking anything up!?!? 

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