Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick

Jul 29, 2016 |
I've always liked the MUFE lippies - but now they've revamped their formula to have 25% more pigment than the original Rouge Artist lipstick! They have two different finishes: a matte lippie that says they have a velvety finish that wont feel dry and a cream lippie for intense color with a natural-looking creamy finish.

I picked up three shades, two matte shades and a VERY BOLD creamy shade. (lol! I don't know what I was thinking!)

I didn't even realize it then, but two of these shades (which happened to be the two I picked up!) are limited edition shades featuring Icona Pop's Signature.
Here are the three shades - I was so shocked to see just HOW pigmented they were in just one swipe! The bottom two shades (M-401) and (C-603) are limited edition lipsticks with the Icona Pop signature!

 This is in M102. This one is a very "me" shade. The perfect pinky brown color (of course, the actual lipstick description says "Pink Brown" LOL!) in a matte finish.

 This is M104. This is a Hot Red color that is also a matte finish.

Lastly, this is C603, which is a midnight blue color. WOW! this is bold, but pretty gorgeous! 

Packaging: I'm pretty impressed by their sleek packaging - they've really upped their packaging game recently. It's all very brave, bold and edgy! I also love the new bullet shade. It definitely allows the lipstick to go on crisper for those hard to reach places. It allowed my matte shades to go on very precisely without needing a brush! 

Hydration: I am so impressed with how hydrating these formulations are. The matte formula is very hydrating - very reminiscent of the UD comfort mattes. However, these don't slip and transfer quite as easily as the UD CM lippies. The Cream formulation is just SO creamy and hydrating. Although I wore it around the house without doing much - I was too nervous to wear it out LOL 

Longevity: Both formulas were relatively long lasting. At least a 4 hour span. The Matte formulation I was pretty surprised about since they went on so smoothly. Although I did reapply after a meal, the color still lasted and almost 'stained' a bit of my lips. The creamy color I can't say too much about because I used a dark blue. Of course it would last! In fact,  I had a pretty hard time getting the actual color off my lips at night lol. 

Overall, I'm loving the colors I picked so far (when I do get to wearing that dark blue). They have a wide range of colors with two really lovely finishes. With the price point of $22, they are a bit more expensive, but are worth a shot to try out and purchase for a color that you would wear often.  I'm looking forward to trying more shades out! 

I purchased mine from here :) 

For live swatches:
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