We made it to Japan!!

Aug 4, 2016 |
I thought rather than coming back home and having to post a million pictures of Japan, I would blog about our adventures while we were in Japan. I figured while I still have a bit of jetlag, it would be a productive use of time for the early morning!!! 

Yesterday was our first full day of Japan. Because of our jetlag, we opted to go to Sushi Dai which is a famous sushi restaurant in the Tsukiji fish market area. The restaurant opens at 5am, but the lines already begin forming before 3am! We left our hotel around 2:30am and took a taxi (no running metros at this time) to the area. Its dark and my phone maps did not do a fantastic job of leading us to the right place hahah. The drop point is correct, so you just kind of have to navigate yourself to get close to the destination point! And surprisingly at 2:45, there are a lot of people awake and already going to work, so asking someone where we were going wasnt too bad either. 

When we arrived around 3:10, we were #9 and #10 - mind you this restaurant only holds 12-13 people at one time. I was so excited to be in the first seating! the next three people arrived at 3:15, so any later than that you were already bumped to the next seating. 
(This was the line at around 4:30am as the sun was coming up!)

It was such a unique experience for me since I've never tried omakase before. He placed sushi after sushi in front of me. Many pieces I didnt need to dip in soy sauce because he carefully designed each piece to be bursting with flavor.  It was such a delicious first meal!! Sushi is such an art here and it was so awesome amd mesmerising to watch him create each piece of sushi for me to eat!

When we finished... it was 5:40am LOL. So early. So we walked around the market a bit, Fel got his tomagoyaki fix and then we went back to the hotel to take a nap before venturing out for the rest of the day. 

We went to explore Shinjuku, which was such a fun shopping area. We hit up at least 3 department stores, a little arcade and some shinjuku station shopping. We had lunch at some katsu place at the top of one of the department stores. Man their katsu is so crispy and airy here... and their miso soup is so good in Japan. Ay how will I ever eat Japanese food again in NY?? lol!

 In the department stores, I wanted to buy some highend beauty products that we could only get in Japan like Three, Addiction, and Suqqu. Was feeling a bit frugal and only ended up getting one item from Three. Maybe I'll feel more dangerous next time LOL. 

We even found the It's Demo x Pokemon collab and bought some pokemon cosmetics LOL... Fel convinced me I needed it because it was exclusive and Pokemon Go is so popular right now... haha! I'm definitely gonna go back to NY and be like why did I buy this hahah!

Then we got lost in Shinjuku station. By that time it was early evening, we were both exhausted and had already walked over 20,000 steps according to google health. There were just too many different things going on in Shinjuku Station: a bajillion different metro lines, shops, restaurants, etc. We had such a hard time navigating around. I was such a baby, feeling tired, grumpy and frustrated lol. Luckily Felix is amazing in situations like this, sensing my frustration, he navigated us back home pretty quickly.
(This doesnt do the beautiful station justice, but its huge and crowded!!! lol)

We arrived back near our hotel around 6, but since we were both so tired and spent.. and since we had two pretty lavish and expensive meals already during the day, we decided to just hit up 7 eleven to pick up a little dinner and head to bed. Asia's 7elevens are BOMB! Man I have to make a dedicated post to ode to the amazing 7elevens here so you'll just have to wait for that one LOL. 

Overall, it was a great, full first day! Japan has so mucb to offer... can't wait to explore more tomorrow!!!  

If you want to follow our adventures in Japan - come find us on snapchat @ jesslee422snaps ❤️

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