Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit (Holiday 2016)

O M G. I've been fanning over how gorgeous this product is through computer screens I can't believe it's finally in my hands!!! This is another gorgeous Hourglass holiday palette packed with 5 never before released shades of powder, bronzer, blushes and highlighter!

For me, I'm such a sheer nude powder type of person, so if you are too.. then this is totally for you! It comes at a hefty price of $80, however you get 5 beautiful new shades.

The shades you receive are:
Finishing Powder: Surreal Light (.14oz)
Bronzer: Surreal Bronze Light (.04oz)
Blush: Surreal Glow (.04oz)
Blush: Surreal Effect (.04oz)
Strobe Powder: Surreal Strobe Light (.14oz)

L-R: Surreal Light, Surreal Glow, Surreal Bronze Light, Surreal Effect, Surreal Strobe Light 

Now, I'm a huge fan of the ambient line from Hourglass, so getting this was a no brainer - however if you are new to the ambient family let me give you a breakdown :)

Packaging: I LOVE this new marble packaging. I think it totally beats out all the other ones because you don't get the smudge factor (which always bothered me from older palettes... although I still got them ha ha)

Color: Because these are nude sheer powders, they are... well, very nude. You won't find any extremely bold colors in this palette. I do believe if you have deeper skintones, many of these shades will still work for you because of the formula of how silky these are. 

Formula: I LOVE the ambient formula because it is so soft, butter and finely milled. It gives you that almost "airbrushed" look because its so soft and goes on effortlessly. However, because of the softness, it does get used relatively quickly because the powder comes off the palette very easily. :T I am always bummed to see that if I use my products every day in about 2 months, it's done! :(

Blendability: This product blends so easily and effortlessly! Because of its neutral colors it almost looks like my dewy and perfectly pinched skin ha ha! 

Price: $80. It's expensive for what it is and how quickly it gets used. In all honesty, if they didn't have the pretty packaging - as AMAZING as the product is, I'm not sure if I would've gotten it because I have so many ambient products (I didn't get last year's edit).. however for a collector like me.. I don't have regrets of getting this gorgeous palette!

Right now this product is available for VIB and VIB Rouge on Sephora, but you can also be put on the waiting list on Hourglass.com :)
What do you guys think??? Will you be picking it up???

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