Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Swatches

Asian beauty - in particular Korean Beauty products... especially makeup... oof. They ALWAYS get me! With the amazing smells to cute packaging to innovative upcoming beauty trends, beauty really has it all.

Aritaum is like the "sephora" of korea - I've talked about it here if you'd like to learn more! Anyhow, Aritaum was nice enough to send me some pretty Mamonde products. Mamonde is a line of korean products that are inspired by flowers - so it's no doubt that all their products smell AMAZING-ly floral!

They sent me three of the Mamonde Highlight Lip Tints in #8 (Red), #10 (Midnight Singer), and #2 (Tonic Coral). They have a wonderful and subtle fresh scent of flowers that are not overpowering in any way.

Top to bottom: #8, #10, #2 

I tried my best to understand what these are, but  because Mamonde isn't as readily popular in America, most of the info for it is in Korean. ha ha.

However, after wearing these for a week these are the things I've noticed:

Color and Lasting Ability: Super rich and intense when you put just one layer. It lasts nicely (at least 3-5 hours), but once the color disappears the tint is still heavily intact. I didn't realize this would happen but was pleasantly surprised! As you can even see - after my swatches, it was difficult to even just wipe the product off because it left such a gorgeous stain!

I vigorously tried to wipe this off with an oil cleansing wipe lol, but no budge! 

Hydration: These were super hydrating! Because this is an oil tint, it left my lips super moisturized without compromising the color.

Texture: Even though this is a glossy and very highly pigmented product with long lasting features, there was no stickiness at all. It was a VERY smooth product.

One thing I do wish is that it comes in 7 gorgeous shades from rose, to red to orange. I wish it came in some 'nude'-ish colors. I think it would really broaden the scope! However, I know that in Korea, these are probably the most popular of colors.. so hopefully when it is more readily available in America, they will think about some other colors!

This is the color selection it offers :) 

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone if you can find them. This goes ahead of the lipstick game as its a hybrid between a gloss, lipstick and stain. Feels like a gloss, pigmented like a lipstick and lasts like a stain. 

You can pick these up at Aritaum Stores in the US :) 

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