It Cosmetics Confidence in a Glow Swatches

I can't believe I was so excited about these that I forgot to take pictures of just the product - especially of how GORGEOUS the actual product is! In any case - here we've got It Cosmetics' newest glow product that has a three in one - a highlight, blush and bronzer, all ombre'd into one! They advertise this as getting an "instant all-over vitality filled glow, plus a boost of brightening and radiant warmth, in one simple step"

Of course one of my favorite parts of It Cosmetics products is that they always have some sort of skincare benefits to their products. So not only does this have a gorgeous orange scent, but its infused with vitamin C, has anti aging ingredients, and is talc free!

This is from the It Cosmetics Website and what the inside of each palette looks like with their own color palette.

This comes in three shades:

Instant Nude Glow - sheerest pretty glow (peachy pink blush and my favorite - its very natural!)

Instant Warm Glow - like an INTENSE version of the Nude glow. It has a super pigmented bronzer, deep peachy pink shade. (This would be great for deeper skin tones!)

Instant Natural Glow - has a gorgeous rosy color to it!

Pigmentation: All three shades have great pigmentation and there are definitely great shades for any skin tone! They have a cooler/berry tone as well as two warmer ones. You can make it super subtle, but you can build that SO fast too lol!

Ease: It actually comes with its own brush (sold separately) that advertises one sweep - which works, but I also like to use the colors separately. Either way, its super buttery, soft and smooth which allows for super easy application!

Lasting Ability: With a good primer and foundation, it lasted the whole day! :)

Smell: It smells SO good - like a slight citrus scent.

Price: I think that this three in one is INCREDIBLY reasonable at $32. It is three products in one and is super compact and has .521oz of product.

Overall, a great bang for your buck. In my opinion, you may not need the accompanying brush - this product speaks volumes for itself with any brush you choose! It is gorgeous, pigmented and there is a color for everyone!... plus, who can say no to this amazing packaging!

You can purchase this on It Cosmetics, Ulta, and QVC. :)

ftc. this was sent to me by PR.

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