Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Swatches and Review

May 11, 2017 |
I've been so obsessed with all of UD's lip products, I forgot (nor have I ever tried!!!) about their face products! This is one of my first times trying out their powder and creme face products, so I was super excited!! And they (as usual) didn't disappoint me! In fact, I'm ready to stick this into my makeup artistry kit because I feel like it's such a great staple with a great range of shades.

I picked this up at the Makeup Show, so was able to try it out a bunch before the official launch (Today!!) This comes in two different shades: Light Medium and Medium Dark. On one side, there are four powders: dark contour, medium contour, light contour and a highlight.

Dark contour, Medium Contour, Light Contour, Highlight

On the other side, there are 5 creme products: dark contour, light contour, 2 correctors (one can also serve as a matte highlight) and a highlight.

Dark contour, light contour, corrector, corrector/highlight, highlight 

Here is my breakdown of the products:

Packaging: I am a huge fan of this packaging. Its dense enough to make you know that it's durable, but its small and compact enough to travel with. I love that BOTH SIDES of the products have a mirror which makes life SO much easier for me! It did NOT come with a brush like many UD products, but this allows you to be flexible to use whichever  tool you are used to.

Color: I love the color selection here. I love that the contour shades have one slightly warmer and one slightly grey. I also LOVE the corrector colors - its everything I love in one! All shades are very pigmented - however the highlight shades on both sides just give more of a luminous glow - but not quite the crazy pigments that highlighters these days have.

Texture: The powders are extremely finely milled and pigmented. A little bit goes a long way with these and its so incredibly soft and blendable. The cremes are silky and thin and allow for good blending time and turn into a powder form when dry.

Long Lasting Ability: It was a very long lasting product for me. The powders stayed on all day for me. I haven't used the cremes long enough to know the lasting ability. My skin gets sweaty and splotchy a lot - so I couldn't get an accurate read on the cremes yet!

Overall - I think this is an amazing staple product for every makeup artist. I'm literally putting this into my kit ASAP. I love the versatility of this product - you can use it for virtually anyone, do it for the perfect day or night look. Super excited to use this product more!

This product is $45 and is now available at sephora online

If you are interested in WINNING one - definitely come along for the ride on my IG @jessicalee422 :)
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