We got a new car!!! Just kidding :P - Toyota Prius Prime Premium

Mar 30, 2018 |
We have regrets!!! *sigh* so let me tell you this whole story before I get into how cute and cool this Toyota Prius Prime Premium is! 

(this was after the second snowstorm of having the car! lmao)

The awesome people at Toyota lent us a car for a week -- and we were SO excited to try it. We decided that the 2nd week in March would be PERFECT since we were going away on a church retreat and we can take it for a scenic ride and take some super cute shots with it! Lo and behold.. 1938749374 different snowstorms decided to come our way. My husband has driven Prius' before and was worried since we were driving to a place with a lot more snow than we got here in NY (which was already a lot!), we weren't sure if the Prius was better to drive than the SUV.


When we finally made it back to NY after our weekend trip and tried our Prius for the first time - we COMPLETELY regretted our decision! We wish we would had more time to take this baby for a spin! 

Let me be the first to tell you.. I don't know ANYTHING about cars besides how they look, feel and ride. I dont know much about horse power, engines, tires, etc. lol. I leave that to the hubalubs! However, I HAVE rode in Prius' before and this one is unlike any of the old Prius' I've been in! 

It's sleek, gives off cool vibes, almost like a sports car. Although it looks small, its surprisingly roomy. One of my favorite features is this huge touch screen monitor. It's probably one of the biggest I've seen and is super easy to navigate your music, gps, bluetooth, etc. 

Another thing I really liked was that the dashboard was in the middle top of the car rather than right in front of your steering wheel. It helped me see all of the functions I'm used to seeing in an easier way. 

And of course, we had to test to see how much space it actually had. We had some friends sit in the back seat and with all seats comfortably placed (like the front seat was not all the way up), there was still a good amount of leg room available!

We also put the trunk to the test. I'll be honest, I didn't trust it! lol. So we took ourselves over to Costco... got THREE cases of bottled waters and so many other random things and EVERYTHING FIT EASILY! I was like.. wut. I'm so shocked at how much room this cute little car has! 

Lastly, it was such a smooth ride. It felt fast, but didn't feel bumpy. It moved quickly and I have to be honest, I felt pretty darn cool with it! I'm 100% sure that if we were to ride in rainy or slushy conditions, this car would've made it just fine. (sigh do you still feel my regrets lol!)  

Because of this, I actually did get quite curious about the differences between the prime and the regular prius, as well as the whole gas + plug in stuff.. and I found this site SO helpful in answering frequently asked questions! 

Overall, I'm thinking that the Prius has really advanced itself to another level with this car and I am kicking myself in the shin that we didn't spend more time with it! Thank you so much Toyota for letting us hang with your new 2017 Prius Prime Premium! We loved it! Thank you so much Toyota! 

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