What's NEW at Wander Beauty!?

I recently went to a Wander Beauty event and they just launched their NEW No Days Off Discovery Kit! This is their new kit that features 3 new products of beauty essentials for on the go -- especially when you have no days off!

It includes:
-a mini Drift Away Cleanser (1oz) This is a gel-to-foam cleanser that cleans makeup and impurities gently to give a double cleansed effect to nourish and revitalize all in one step.

-mini Dive In Moisturizer (.67oz) This is a 72 hour moisturizer (WHAT?!). It packs in Pentavitin and 13 fruit extracts to hydrate, brighten and protect for healthier looking skin.

-mini Extra Mileage Hair Refresher (.94oz) THIS I WILL NEED A FULL SIZE!!! lmao. This is so innovative! This is a liquid hair refresher that has silica powder so it duals as a hair texturizer and kind of like a dry shampoo to help keep you fresh -- especially after a work out or what not! I tried this after the workout and I did NOT look sweaty or greasy at all!!!

-the cutest clear, peach and gold (with words "no days off") cosmetics pouch

Testing the products out - so I can't wait to let you know how they are! Already love the cleanser and hair refresher, but have yet to try the moisturizer!!

Currently this item is not out yet, but it will be $38 and you can pre-order!

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