Fresh Rose Sleeping Mask Review

I've been DYING to try this but it was sold out for the longest time! : ( but thankfully the lovely ladies at fresh HOOKED a girl up and sent one over to me to try. ugh so excited.

So unlike any of Fresh's products, this is a sleeping mask. It's their two step overnight hydration mask. It claimes to lock in hydration for 24 hours, prevent water loss, and increase deep hydration.

Step 1: The Cooling Gel Essence: filled with rosewater, damask rose extract, and hyaluronic acid
Step 2: The Silky Water-Cream Mask: has a time-release technology to form a moisturizing veil and evening primrose root extract to lock in hydration.

How to use:
*I essentially replaced my skincare routine to just use this product, but found it more beneficial to use after my regular skincare routine.
1. After cleansing - apply the apple jelly colored essence to your face and let it absorb.
2. Follow with the silky water-cream mask.
3. Leave overnight.. and wake up feeling awesome.

Now, to let you know a bit about my skin, it's combo/oily during the warmer weather, but it's been pretty temperamental because of the seasons changing and weather being continually strange. It's combo alright, and a bit on the oily side, but I have patches of dry skin from eczema around my eyes and cheek areas. I'm ALWAYS looking for products that will make my skin dewy, but not greasy because I find that even though I have greasy skin, it constantly feels dehydrated in certain areas.

So I tried this baby for about 1.5 weeks so far and used it every other day. (Not sure if it's a daily use item or less?) I cleansed my face, used the rose toner and my vitamin c serum, then used the two step system.

Here are my thoughts:

Packaging: I want to love the idea of the packaging, but it keeps get into each other's sides and I need to get some sort of spatula instead of my fat fingers. I think the dual packaging works... eventually when I use more of the product. However, even though its better for travel because its in a dual container, I need to be a bit more careful using it.

Smell: The smell is pretty strong IMO. I LOVE IT. however, if you're not huge on roses or the "fresh" scents -- it might be slightly overwhelming for you.

Texture: I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. it's gel-ish, and cooling. This is perfect for the summer time because it feels so nice. I find that as an oily skin girl, it feels great on my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. It absorbed right into my skin, so it didn't leave residue on the pillow.

Moisture: I loved it for my skin. I woke up with plumper skin and with a nice dew. Because of the consistency, I'm not 100% sure how this would be for people with really dry skin, but for me it gave me just the right amount of hydration without it being oily on my face. I think it worked out perfectly that I used it 3x a week. Maybe an every day thing if you have dry skin? (just making a guess lol)

Overall: I REALLY loved this, especially for my face. It gave me the right amount of dew without being too much. It plumped without the extra residue. However, it's $50, so it is quite pricy for a product that has two steps. I could see myself probably going through this pretty quickly. However, if you have a bit of extra cash to splurge, I think it's totally worth it! What a great addition to the beloved rose line!!!
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