Drunk Elephant Reformulated LALA Retro with Ceramides!

GOSH -- guys, when I heard they were reformulating LaLa Retro, I was a bit freaked out! I (along with so many people) loveee this cult favorite product. It's a great staple moisturizer for me during the winter month when my skin needs a bit more moisture and love.

The original LaLa Retro is a whipped moisturizer that is a blend of six African oils and locks in intense moisture. It also has plantain extract (to brighten skin), sodium hyaluronate cross polymer to release long lasting hydration and antioxidant rich fermented green tea and omega acids to combat aging. Personally for me, I lived off of this moisturizer during the winter months. It kept my eczema from flaring up because the texture was lightweight but extremely hydrating.

Now insert my freak out when I heard they were reformulating it. WHY!? I asked. lol. According to Allure, Tiffany Masterson, the brand founder said:
"I believe there is always room for improvement," the brand's founder, Tiffany Masterson, tells Allure. "When it occurred to me that ceramides needed a more prominent place in my line, I decided to add them to a product that was already great instead of making a whole new product. I didn’t know I could like it [Lala Whipped Retro Cream] more, but I do."
Here is the new formulation of the LaLa Retro (with Ceramides) that I received from the Drunk Elephant Pop Up Shop!
So this product apparently is the SAME formula as the original LaLa Retro, but now has added ceramides. According to Drunk Elephant's instagram, they said the new formula has the power of plant ceramides AP, EOP and NP. (I honestly have no clue what that means lol and had to look it up) They further explained:
Derived from plant sources, ceramides are identical to the moisturizing lipids and fats that occur naturally in skin. In [the new Lala Retro], they help sooth and maintain the moisture balance of skin while protecting against water loss. 

Ok. SO.. luckily, I was able to stop by the Drunk Elephant Pop Up Shop  where they were giving out samples of the new LaLa Retro and I was able to try the product out. I tried it for a week. Of course, the last time I used lala was in the winter time, but this formulation seems very similar... maybe, just maybe I would say it's a bit creamier, but even a bit more lightweight than the original formula. Below you can see the left is the new Lala, and the right is the old Lala. I honestly, can hardly tell a difference!

For me, the original product doesn't work for me in the summer time because my skin gets HELLA oily. Last year when I was still trying to finish up Lala, I had to stop because it was too much moisture and made me have to wash my face more often because it was getting too greasy (I was scared to break out!). When I tried it out last week (for a week), although it was still more moisturizing than I need, it didn't cause me to want to wash my face off. I would still save the rest of this product for the winter time when I really need it for my dry skin days, but at least I know that it has an extra added boost to help maintain my moisture balance. Below you can see it leaves a slight sheen but melts right into your skin.

I think for me the best part is that even with the added ceramides, this product is still $60. To me that is SUCH A WIN because they are adding even more great benefits to your skin without any added costs, so THANK YOU DRUNK ELEPHANT! lol!

I noticed that the original Lala Retro is now S/O on the Drunk Elephant website, so I believe this product comes out very soon in early July... keep your eyes peeled! ;) I will update when I get confirmation of the launch date!

Will you be picking this up?! :D
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