Hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Gloss Swatches and Review


I guess the idea of lip glosses isn't something brand new or trending, and in all honesty, this type of product isn't something so incredibly new... but it's basically all the things you love about a lip gloss in one. 

Here's the Hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Gloss! Just a bit about the product: It has .2oz of product for $30, so it is considered a luxury item. Hourglass also says: 

An innovative formula infused with powerful active ingredients for rich hydration and a long-lasting look of volume. With supernatural volume and ethereal shine, lips appear fuller without the sting of traditional lip plumpers. Light-reflecting shimmer and brilliant luster give multidimensional shine that’s unreal. Unreal Volumizing High Shine Lip Gloss is available in 18 high-shine shades.

It also has: *Volulip™ and Hyaluronic Acid: Delivers rich moisture to enhance the look of lips’ natural shape for long-lasting volume. *Shea Butter and Avocado Oil: Hydrates lips.

Below are the swatches of the shades I have: 

L-R: Halo, Provoke, Solar, Canvas, Icon

Halo - clear with gold shimmer

Solar - coral with gold pearl

Provoke - mauve nude

Canvas - true rose

Icon - blue red 

Here are my thoughts: 

Packaging: The packaging is in any standard lip gloss package. It does feel weighty and luxurious with a golden cap. I love the round but flat doe foot applicator that really allows to carry a lot of gloss in one go. It almost looks like a paddle, so it's able to conform to my cupids bow as well! 

Formula: is SO SMOOTH! It's NOT sticky at all and feels thick enough to feel hydrating and luxurious, but not too thick that it feels overwhelming. It has a bit of a minty flavor to it to help "plump" your lips, but it's not overwhelming or stinging. It's incredibly comfortable on the lips! 

Moisture: This is SO moisturizing! I got a sunburn on my lips the other day and didn't have anything else but this gloss in my bag, so I used it, and it really did hydrate my lips so nicely! With shea butter, avoid oil and hyaluronic acid, there's no doubt this product hydrates ur lips nicely! 

Pigmentation: I mean - LOOK AT THEM! They give just the right amount of pigmentation for a gloss. The neutral colors are not fully opaque, but you can still SEE the colors for a while. Then you have the bold colors that are -- well, as you can see in Icon ... bold! 

Lasting ability: I would say they last as any standard lip gloss. It was about 2-3 hours before I had to reapply. 

Overall: LOVE. If you have an extra $30 lying around, I definitely recommend trying this product out. Although it's not a super new type of product, they really perfected the lip gloss formula to give you everything you've ever needed! Like.... I'm waiting for the 20% off sales so I can pick up more!!! :P 

Thank you Hourglass for sending me some of these! :)

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