Mar 3, 2011 |
lots of my friends write posts about how cute their parents are and how funny they are when they send emails... then put their parent on blast and paste their whole email of all the fobby things they say! well. i'm totally doing that today... except not with my dad... i'm putting FELIX ON BLAST! lol sorry!

felix and i email each other every day. he writes me every day just to say hello... it's just kinda become our thing, even though we write pretty much the same things every day LOL!

I've actually been incredibly stressed with school because of midterms and little here and theres i've had to do. yesterday i was trying to print out my study guide and 50 minutes later i FINALLY got it to work. and that was just... the thing that put me over. i called felix and had a complete melt down. i couldn't stop crying and thank GOD he knows me and knows how psycho i am and how much stress i put on myself. and thank GOD he knows how to handle me by now. lol.

This morning I got an email from him that started off normal...... but then....

Hi baby, I just want to tell you good luck on your midterm, I know this have been stressing you out bebe but just know that I'm always here for you whenever you need me and if you need someone to talk to, I'm always here for you babe.  I hope you feel better and hope you don't stretch your rubberband too hard =)

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