GlossyBox MAY Box Review!

I was skeptical of what GlossyBox would be like. After the first AMAZING promo box, I knew that the second box would not be the same. Many new box subscriptions have AMAZIN BLAZIN first boxes and then begin to plummet, but I was pleasantly surprised!

If you don't know what GlossyBox is, it is a monthly subscription serve for $21 a month where you get at least 5 deluxe samples. The difference between GlossyBox and other boxes is that it is already an established subscription service that is sold in 19 different countries!

So as I was on my way home, I was so surprised to see not one, but two glossyboxes! I was thinking it was a shipping malfunction... similar to other *coughmyglam* subscription services, but the sweet Adrianne from GlossyBox sent me a free box as a thank you for reviewing the product on my youtube channel. She even wrote me a very sweet letter, which adds such a nice personal touch. I hope their customer service is as amazing as the customer service I've received from Adrianne :)

Blah blah blah, Okay so I know you just want to know what's in the box. In both of the boxes, I received the same products except for different color polishes.
This is what the box looks like when you first open it. It comes with a card with the theme "Beauty Around the World" and all the products on the backside. Each item features a product from a different country! HOW fun!  

The first thing I noticed was a FULL SIZED zoya nail polish. I absolutely adore their polishes and I got two different colors in each of my boxes. GEEZ. I LOVE both of these colors SO MUCH! They are perfect for the summertime! I'm so used to getting the sample size from other boxes that getting a fullsize was a great treat! 

Next was the Marvis toothpaste which I was glad to get because I've gotten a small sample (smaller than this fullsize) in my birchbox and I loved the toothpaste. It has such a nice strong minty taste and really left my mouth refreshed for a long time. I'm excited to try the whitening one! 
I've been a long time fan of Amore Products, unfortunately I'm not  a huge fan of their HUGE price tag. Only when I've bought something have I gotten these awesome deluxe sample. I adore their moisture bound face cream, I'm excited to have two of these ;D 
This looks awesome and is a HUGE sample. UM amazing. I can't wait to try this in my hair! 

Despite the fact that this is a teeny tiny sample.... its BURBERRY. Come on! How can I not be happy? Not only is the color SOO neutral and gorgeous, they did not skimp on packaging! They had the same awesome burberry packaging on the box and also had the cool burberry imprint on the lipstick as well! 

Lastly they gave a glossybox brush. It's kinda a powder brush I believe? I'm not a huge fan of it because it has kinda a stinky smell and I've been spoiled rotten by amazing brushes. So maybe I'll wash it and give it a try, but I think its cute that they have a "glossybox" label on it!

Overall I'm still blown away by the box so far. As of right now, the first box is a great first box after the promotional box. Even though the promo box had 5 full size products, I was still happy with the box I got!

I'm looking forward to seeing future boxes - super excited about this subscription... still :D

Check glossybox out and subscribe here <3 

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