Fairy Drops Mascara Review

Oh you pretty little thing :)

Ever since a couple years ago when Jen, frmheadtotoe, reviewed the fairydrops mascara, I've been on the HUNT to find the asian ones (not the ones from sephora). I became OBSESSED when my bestest, Laura found me some from Asia. Then my good friend Jess or Strawbeefull on youtube went back to HK and picked me up another!

NOW i don't have to look any further, because you can actually purchase them at prettyandcute.com! It's also one of Janie's (the owner of P&C) favorite mascaras as well :D 

 What makes this mascara so unique is the applicator. It has these wavy bumps that really allow to get deep into the sparsest of eyelashes to help lengthen them. 

The problem with most mascaras for me is that they are too heavy and weigh down my lashes which makes it lose its curl. Because of the weight, it actually makes my lashes fall down and then it blocks my poor monolidded vision. 

The reason why I like this mascara is that it has a lightweight formula that isn't too liquidy or too thick, that holds the curl of my lashes while lengthening and adding fullness. Here are my lashes for your viewing pleasure HAA! 

 My poor naked lashes. This is what I like to call morning lashes. Some mornings I wake up, and my lashes are all over the place in like 100 different directions!

Anyway, you can see from one coat to two coats, it doesn't necessarily get "thicker," but for my lashes it gets more full. And thats what I like. I think in the end, it makes my lashes look very natural, but full rather than clumpy and thick!

You can purchase your Fairydrops mascara at prettyandcute.com or by clicking HERE. If you type in jessicalee422 in the comment section when checking out from your purchase, you can receive a free mystery gift!
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