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Jul 27, 2012 |
I know this seems way late as it is the end of July - I apologize!! I received this box at the end of June and it's been so hectic since!

Here's a peek at my JUNE GLOSSYBOX. If you don't know Glossybox is a monthly subscription deluxe sample service where you receive at least 5 deluxe samples per month for $21. Although yes, it is more expensive per month, I believe that the sizes of the samples speak for itself. You either get full size products or samples that you can't just 'get' from a store.

Without further ado, here are the products from the June Glossybox and my initial reactions:)

This month's theme was Summer Simplicity. I liked the idea of this, although as I will explain later, it wasn't my favorite theme :P!

Here are the products inside:) I love how they always have this!

Is it me? Or is Ahava in every subscription box? LOL Although I've never seen a body wash in one! This is definitely an amazing sample size and is perfect for traveling. I really love the scent! I'm going to VT in a couple of days! I'm SURE to bring this along with me! 

It's funny because when I got this shave cream, I thought it was MOISTURIZER! I was in a rush that weekend I received my box, so I grabbed it and went! After I put on my skin (as if it were moisturizer), i was like how come its kinda tacky!? LOL Nonetheless, because I brought it with me, I used it and its amazing!!! You get such a close shave and it leaves your skin SO silky and smooth!!! 

I wish wish wish I got this in a different color because I feel like it could've been so nice! Unfortunately for me, the black/gray color was just kinda patchy and was a bit difficult to work with on my particular eye because its so oily. I have this issue with a LOT of products so I have to play around with it! 
here's a swatch of the product and it blended out. It looks quite nice on my skin - just a little bit tricky to use on my oily lid! I will play around with the product and hope it works out for me! :)
Here's a skin trio -- dang this stuff is expensive! I will have to use it sparingly! LOL  
Here is a hair moisture treatment. I tried it once and it's quite nice! It's perfect for my extremely dry hair :D  in the summertime! 

Lastly was a sample perfume which was a lavender-y grapefruit scent. It was very fresh and I personally kinda liked it but I know it can be an acquired scent that not everyone would like!

Personally, I thought this box was my least favorite of all the boxes so far, but that's because Im a makeup junkie. LOL - I always prefer makeup products over body/hair products, and in this box I got 1 hair, 2 body, 1 skincare and 1 makeup. BUT then again, this month's theme WAS summer simplicity - so i should've expected that! HAHA! 

Besides that I think this month's box has great sizes and the products themselves are actually quite nice. Nothing that I would've gone to buy, so it was nice to get them!

HEY THATS FUNNY! I JUST GOT MY JULY GLOSSYBOX! I shall take pics and do a post soon! :)

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