Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

If you know me, I'm a huge concealer junkie. I've tried them all. I think my obsession stems from wanting to cover my undereye bags. They've grown through the ages and because of my watery and oily eye area, often all concealers, mascaras and liners slide right off my eyes and settle under my eye. *CRIES*

The Cle de Peau concealer is my holy grail concealer because of its creamy yet dry formula that comfortably sits under my eye without budging while providing amazingly pigmented coverage. Unfortunately, at it's $70 price point, I'm always looking for a similar product.

Nothing has come close until I met this little fellow.

This concealer has such a unique texture. It's a liquidy, creamy, non sticky formula - might I even say, it is *almost* a liquid version of the CdP concealer. ;)

Okay, enough typing - let me let the pictures do the talking!

Here is my naked eye. I purposely made it a touch blurry to hide any significant flaws near my eye. HAHA! I feel shy :P 

Here's a shot of the concealer spotted all over my eye. Does this look crazy? This is how I actually put concealer around my eye. I spot it everywhere so it has the most even coverage lol. 

Here's how the product looks after I use my finger to blend it out: 

Here are my eyes, the left with no concealer and my right with concealer. How weird do my eyes look - I have no clue what I was looking at! 

I think that the picture tell it all. The coverage is beautiful as is the finish. It does do a great job of brightening my under eye area so I look awake and fresh. The lasting ability is the only part that falls flat on this product. With this product alone, it only lasted a couple of hours before it was gone! I learned that the only way to keep this product on my under eye is if I blot the product with a tissue on my face after I apply the concealer, then set it with a powder. :) 

Overall, amazing product. It will be my cheaper holy grail product and I will be ordering this over and over again! for SURE! 

You can purchase the product here and mine was purchased in custard. 

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