Le Métier de Beauté Dualistic Eye Pencil in Sequoia

This was another Le Métier de Beauté product that I received in my Limited Edition Birchbox Set and usually when I get pencil liners, I just toss them in the trash or give them to a friend. With my craptola eyes that are so darn watery and oily, no pencil has ever lasted on my eye.

Anyway, I received the product in Sequoia, which is a beautiful cool brown with no shimmer.

I decided to give this a try because I fell soooo in love with the mascara. Below is a picture of what the liner looks like above my lash line. I love the natural feel of this color and how it just blends in with my lashes. It gives such an effortless defined look! [PS. pardon my gross, creasing concealer! I just slabbed it on to cover my undereyes quick - although now it helped define my creases LOL]

At first, I was having a bit of trouble with using this product on using it as liner...and I don't blame it on the liner, because as I've said, my eyes are particularly fussy. I then asked my luxury cosmetics guru and good friend, Rae, how she would wear it and she recommended using it almost as a base - smudging it and setting it with powder, or actually using it as a base and putting shadow on top for an eye look. UM. YES! Now I am starting to look real good ;) 

I LOVE using it as a nice smudgy eyeliner and as a base for eyeshadow! I was so surprised at the easy blend-ability of the product. For sure, I thought because of this - it would be off my eye in a couple of hours (or below my eye! lol!).. but once the product was set, it did a great job of staying put all day. In addition to this, the product did not move or crease! I always have this one area on my eye that always creases (I bet even in the picture above, you can tell where it creases! LOL!), but it did a great job of holding still until I was ready to take my makeup off! 

The one gripe I had with this product was that its an old school pencil that I have to sharpen - but I guess that is my only gripe because I needed to go and buy a sharpener HAHA! I do realize why they kept it the way it is because it allows me to draw thin and thick lines depending on what kind of look I am going for... so I guess I'm not that upset over it. :) 

Overall, although it was a bit difficult to figure out at first, it definitely works amazingly! I absolutely adore the formula for a smudgy liner look and base. I think it looks so effortlessly chic and I already (aw man...) have the champagne color pencil on my wish list because dang, that color is beautiful. And with the same formula as this, I'm looking forward to smudging it all over my eyelid and showing it off! ha! 

You can purchase this product online for $36 at Birchbox or Neiman Marcus. :) 

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