Naked 3 palette!

my horrible swatches + an eye look :) 

In celebration of it arriving in Sephora and Ulta (SURPRISINGLY NOT sold out yet!) I decided to post up a couple pictures of my naked 3 palette! :)

I received it a couple weeks ago before Thanksgiving. I've only used it a couple times, so I can't give a complete review on it. What I can say is that I thought I wouldn't want this one because it has more of the pinky hues... but I'm pleasantly surprise at how wearable the shades are (haha i suppose thats why it's called 'naked' hhaha!) Generally I steer clear of pinks because I have monolids, it gives me a nice punched look... but this was way softer and easier to work with. And I really love the results!

PS. Of course on the day I tried to get good pictures, the weather was horrible! So I have crappy yellow lighting pictures for it. I will get new swatches up soon. and when I do, I will swap out these fugly pictures!

Without further ado, here is the gorgeous naked 3 palette!

Here was the look I came up with :) 

Lid: Limit.
Crease and transition color: Nooner.
Outer V: Darkside + Blackheart. 
Highlight: Strange.
Under the eyes: Factory.

Also I left the fall out so you can see how much did not make it onto my eye. Not too bad considering how soft and creamy UD shadows are. ;D

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