Shiseido Spring Lacquer Rouge Review

Hey friends! Sorry long time no blog. Work has been really crazy since it's getting to the end of the year! I already can't wait for summer haha! :P

Anyway! I have a review coming to you for shiseido's lacquer rouges :)

I've been quite familiar with this product as it has always been one of my favorite products. Although it feels like a lipstick, it tends to be a bit more long lasting than other lip products while not compromising the moisturization of a good lip product. In fact, I wore it for my wedding. And even though its not a stain, it was able to withhold it's staying power with only a couple of touch ups, while not making my lips flake or become cracked and dry.

Shiseido came out with some new colors for their spring line, and I've been really loving the new colors. lots of lovely shades in the pink family (my favorite!).

Here are two of my favorites!
This has been my favorite go to color for the weekend! this is in VI324 which is superfun bubble gum pink that leans toward violet. It's a gorgeous cooltoned color. If you're obsessed with the radiant orchid color like I am, you NEED this! 

 I love to wear this on a day to day basis for work. It's the perfect everyday color. This is in RD321 and its this reddish pink color that looks so natural on the lips. This is what I wish my lips always looked like haha!

And here's my breakdown: 

Packaging: although sleek and compact, this is the one thing that irks me. All you can see is the #ing at the bottom but from the outside they all look the same. I have over 8 of these, so every time I try and find a color I have to either sit and open half of them or I have to memorize the color from its 5 letter/number code haha!

Texture: I love this texture! although its not for everyone. It goes on almost like a liquid lipstick. Dries slightly on your lips to almost kind of adhere to your lips. It doesn't feel heavy like most lip lacquers do. It has a slight tackiness, but is not weighty, so it doesn't FEEL sticky. It also does not feather out in any way... definitely stays put where it is!

Color: The opacity is beautiful in these! Usually one coat is enough (although it usually takes more than one dip in the pot since each dip doesn't give as much lip product) It gives a gorgeous semi satiny finish.

Moisture: This is my hero! Although you would never know it until you use this daily, this does a great job of helping my dry lips. It's moisturizing without feeling too slick and does help to improve my peely rough patches on my lips!

Hope you give these a try! I absolutely adore this formula. It's actually what i wish the YSL glossy stains felt more like, but I'm glad that I found it in shiseido! :)

You can check out the spring lacquer rouge online at sephora or I also find the online coloring is not exact to the colors, so either look up swatches or go to a counter for accurate coloring :P 

Happy shopping!

ftc. these were sent to me, but i was not asked to review any of these. this is my personal opinion to you since i actually really love these and have loved these for a long long time! :) just wanted to share the goodness! xox
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