Benefit Cheekathon Blush Palette: MUST HAVE!

I cannot emphasize this enough.... but if you do not have this blush palette you MUST go and run to get this palette!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cheekathon is Benefit's newest addition to the blush palettes. Generally speaking, I never picked up any of the blush palettes because they were always smaller size products with some other doodads. However, being that this had FIVE FULL SIZED blushes with 4 of my favorite shades (and the last one i've never tried!), I had to have it! 

The boxed blushes are some of Benefit's cult favorite products. I absolutely have loved these products since the beginning of time. No matter how much I try other blushes and bronzers, I always end up going back to benefit blushes. They have the perfect powder density to make my blush look like "just enough" with a lasting finish. 

l-r: dandelion, hoola, rockateur, dallas, coralista

This is perfect for all year round because of the colors! Dandelion which is the perfect baby pink for summer and spring, Hoola which is an awesome matte bronzer that is not too warm or muddy, Rockateur which is an awesome shimmery pink shade (I thought I wouldn't like this but it looks surprisingly natural on all shades!), my all time favorite - dallas, which is the perfect pinky brown blush! I use this one days when I just feel too lazy to put on blush AND bronzer - its an all in one for me! And lastly, Coralista, which is a more sheer shimmery coral color! 

The BEST part about this palette (Which sets this a part from others!) is that you can take this palette out. You can use the box to store liners or you can use the palette separately etc. As a makeup artist, this is my FAVORITE thing because now rather than having to hold the whole palette as I'm doing someone's makeup, I can just take it out and hold it like an artist. It's super convenient and BRILLIANT! 

Doesn't this make a huge difference! How convenient is that when I'm doing other people's (or my own) makeup! :) 

By far, this is going to be a MUST HAVE for me. Since it's limited edition, I think I may pick up a back up (even though, lets be honest... I'll probably never finish it since they are all full sized LOL!).. I love it THAT much! 

I purchased mine from Sephora - however you can also purchase this item from ulta,, macy's :)  

ftc: purchased by me :)
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