New Benefit Dandelion Products!

I'm so excited to share with you all the new Benefit dandelion products.. because I've been using them for a couple weeks now and my obsession is STRONG.

Benefit's dandelion collection began with its boxed blush. Dandelion Boxed Blush is a gorgeous baby pink powder blush. They've expanded the range to a cream blush and a highlight and I'm here to share with you those products.

First up is the dandelion dew. Now, I'm always weary of cream products because of its short wear time because of its dewy nature. This product is quite unique though as it is a dewy looking product, but it dries down! It's super natural looking and i *love* that it comes in a pump form for all you neat freaks! One issue I did find was because of the pump, if I didn't use it on a daily basis, it did clump up like lotion pumps! However, the effortless, gorgeous color lasted through a 7 hour day for me.

Next up, to me is the highlight (literally speaking :P) of the collection. The Shy Beam! It's the newest addition to the highlight family and it is AMAZING. It is a pink matte highlighter. At first, I was confused as how to wear it because when you blend the product out, it is so incredibly subtle that it was hard to see that it was doing anything. However, I found this product most effective when I placed it near my eye area to highlight under my eyes and my brow bone. It left such a clean, crisp look and really gave that natural finish. It's having the best of both worlds - a great highlight, without having too much highlight!
heavy swatches of each product

Both products blended out 
Both products are a great addition to the dandelion family. With summer coming up, it's a great time to whip these babies out for that soft, subtle natural look! If you are only in the market to buy one product, I would definitely say the shy beam is the star of the show!!!

ftc. pr samples, but thoughts are my own :)
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