Too Faced La Matte Lipstick Review

Because the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks are some of my favorite lippies, I was so darn excited to try these la matte lippies to review! Too Faced actually mailed me the whole collection, but because of my move - we have some sneaky fingers that stole them... so to whoever has my la matte lippie collection -- I hope that you are enjoying your lipsticks! >:(

Top to Bottom: When in Doubt, Pitch Perfect, Maneater
Anyways - I still went to Ulta to go pick some up, because I was so intrigued by these! They are a matte formula lipstick with a balm like texture.. they are supposed to be moisturizing and hydrating... and let me tell you, THEY ARE! <3 *hearts* 

L-R: When in Doubt, Pitch Perfect, Maneater

If you know me, you know I have the most chapped, dry lips ever (probably because I need to drink more water lol sigh), but I have a deep deep love for matte lippies, which make my lips look terrible. This formulation is sensational though, it leaves a matte finish, yet leaves my lips feeling extremely hydrated. They are all very opaque in one swipe as well! These to me are very reminiscent of them Loreal Pro Matte Lippies! 

The one thing is, if you have extremely dry lips like mine, not all the colors will work on you. You will see below that the darkest shades did not look good on my lips (although it looked beautiful on other lips!). I would recommend definitely lip scrubbing and hydrating prior to using these if you are going to use a darker color. I also put the lippie on top of a balm, which also helped, but it left a more sheer look than the opaque matte lip color it promises (although equally as gorgeous!) 

My lips were SOOO chapped in this, and once I put it on, although they were still chapped, you couldn't really see the 'chapped-ness' anymore. It did a good job of actually hydrating my lips throughout the day. 

My favorite of the bunch - don't my lips look SO hydrated? (I can tell you they were cracked prior to wearing this) The color looks seamless and did not feather throughout the day. 

I was SO excited to try this color and when I put it on I was thinking "YES! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!" Then when I looked in the mirror, I kinda freaked out because it was slightly patchy and fell in the creases of my lips. I wanted to show you this as a worst case scenario type thing - once I put on a balm, scrubbed or hydrated before, it was must less chapped and evened out. This is a GORGEOUS color, but took way more maintenance than I imagined.

Overall, it had a couple hours of wear - the darker colors ended up slightly staining my lips (similar to the melted lippies) which was nice to not have to reapply. However, I LOVED reapplying this product because it just added so much more hydration to my lips! I feel like matte lipsticks that do that don't come by frequently! Sorry not sorry will be my next purchase (or the peach palette.... or the PB & J palette..... LOL!)

These are exclusive to Ulta and and run for $22 per lippie! Will you be picking any up!? 

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