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Jul 18, 2012 |
Wow. In general - I love highlighters, but for me many of them end up looking nearly the same for me. They highlight areas you would like to be highlighted and just leave a little glisten. To me, they don't really have differences in colors after a while, its just shimmer. HAHA!

Until I found you <3

I've always loved benefit - their cool inventive nail polish type applicator for their highlighters (and stains) are very cool. High beam was probably the first highlight I've ever tried and I still love it dearly.

Then I bought Sun Beam. It came out more recently and I'd have to say, for the first time, I can see a difference in highlighting colors! It leaves more of a sweet golden/champagne that makes you look 'goddess' worthy.

I think it's the PERFECT highlight for summer evenings ;D 
Here are some swatches for you:
Left side in direct sunlight
Right side indoor lighting by the window 

 I purchased mine from (travel size with a travel coralista for $12)
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