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I've sent some of my bracelets to some of my girls here on the tube, and I've gotten so much wonderful feedback! Here are some of the bracelets I have in stock and their prices :) If you are interested in any of these bracelets, please email me at and feel free to email me with questions or custom bracelet ideas, I'd love to see what our minds can think up of! 

$4 Shipping for one item, $.50 for every item after. 
Extra $3 shipping for international orders!

Shamballa Bracelets (MY FAVE!) - $34
I have this in Rose Gold (10mm)
And a Pink/Silver (12mm)

 Rose Gold Bracelet with Black Cord - $39
(rose gold filled beads are 14/20k quality)

Stretchy Bracelet with one single crystal: $15 

Corded bracelet with a single crystal: $18
(color not accurate, lightened with instagram)

 Rose Gold Bracelet with cream or natural Cord: $46
(Rose gold filled beads are 14/20k quality)

 Pink/Rose Gold Stretchy Bracelets: $18
Blueish Purple/Rose Gold Stretchy Bracelets: $18

 Skull Bracelets: $18
Skull Bracelet with a crystal 
(this is pictured with the cross bracelets): $20

Cross Bracelets! - $20
Cross Bracelets with Crystal Bead: $22
(colors became vintage through instagram lol)

Newest Addition!
Anchor stretchy bracelet with crystal $22

Just some instagram fun :) 

Thanks for takin' a peek! <3 I have VERY limited stock of products as I am still testing the waters to see what people like and do not like, so I apologize in advance if things get sold out! xo

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clramos81 said...

I' d love to get one of the skull bracelets either the black or turquoise.


Jessica said...

Can you make a cross bracelet with a crystal bead that have turquoise beads instead of the pink and yellow??

Anonymous said...

R all of these stilll available pls. Message me at facebook im your friend on there
Angela cheung

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