Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

I've been testing these new Lancome Juicy Shaker products for a while now since they first came out and my dry arse lips have not been happier!

These are Lancome's newest pigment infuse Bi-Phased Lip Oil: basically speaking, a tinted lip oil. It's a pretty unique product as I haven't seen many of these products out except the YSL lip oil tints and the Milani ones. However whenever I can get my hands on anything oily and hydrating for my lips I will definitely do it!

This comes in a cute little tub (thats in the shape of a shaker, I die) and the thought behind it is to shake the two step products: the oils and the pigment. In turn, you get this super beautiful sheer wash of color on your lips thats hydrating and nourishing!

Top to Bottom Swatches: Show me the Honey, Piece of Cake, Vanilla Pop 

Below are swatches of my lips of the three shades I have. You will see if how as I got to the darker shades, lip flakes started to disappear since it was becoming more and more hydrating on my lips! :) 

Show Me the Honey

Piece of Cake (my favorite shade of the bunch!) 

Vanilla Pop 

And now my breakdown of the product:

Packaging: I love this packaging. I love the idea of it being in a shaker and the sponge tip packs in so much product that it makes it so easy to apply! It's such a unique packaging product. Usually I'm using a small doefoot to swipe over and over again, but I find I only need to swipe this once!

Smell: This product is much lighter than other lancome products, but still has its light floral scent to it. It's much fainter than other lancome products and I don't notice the scent when placed on my lips.

Formula: I love that this formula is packed with 5 different nourishing oils to pack in a gorgeous array of great benefiting products for your lips. It has apricot oil for hydration, rose oil for soothing properties, cranberry oil for antioxidants, peach oil for softening and sweet almond oil for nourishment. The more I used the product, the more my lips did feel hydrated and smooth. You will see in photos how the more I swatched, the less dry my lips looked lol! It provides a sheer wash of color on your lips with a gorgeous, smooth, nonsticky feeling.

Color: It ranges from light colors to some darker ones, and even a 'blue' clear color as well. Because of its sheer formula, however, I found that many of the lighter shades looked the same on me. The darker shades definitely stood out to me if you want more of a tint! Similar to other oil products, the longer your wear, the color will begin to fade quickly, but the hydration will still remain.

Longevity: I think this is where I would have to say the product lacked most in. It lasted about an hour before I had to reapply and the color faded within about 40-45 minutes for the lighter shades, whereas the darker shades lasted a tad longer. However, this is a very compact product that I was happy to apply often since it was so nice! :D

Overall - this is definitely worth trying! I think that its a super unique product that packs a lot of goodness into a little package. I think getting all 20 shades is not necessary since many of the shades look similar on the lips, however trying a bunch of the different types shades is definitely a must!!

They retail for $21.00 each and I ordered mine from and! :)

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