NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment Swatches

You guys KNOW I have a thing for matte lippies, so when there's a product with the word 'matte' in it, you know I'm ON IT!!! :) I ordered these off sephora for an app presale and boy am I glad for it!

I believe there are 20 shades and they retail for $26 for .18fl oz. Although can only give you first impressions, I'm thoroughly impressed already. Each lippie I purchased is pretty much completely opaque and are incredibly long wearing. There is a nice range of colors, however I picked up four shades (most in the neutral shades except one deep).

These are the four shades I picked up :)

L-R: Save the Queen, Get it On, American Woman, London Calling 

Get it On - tan rose (fully dry)

 American Woman - Chestnut Rose (half way dried)
Save the Queen (favorite!) - dusty mauve 

London Calling - Lilac Pink (IMO it was way darker than this! lol, it was more of a deep purply pink)

Here's my breakdown:

Texture: It starts off as a liquid and begins to dry down. It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. It did land slightly in the cracks of my lips (not very noticeable) , but not the way a drying matte formula would.

Moisture: I'm most impressed by this because for any sort of matte formula - this is one of the most comfortable lip products for its long wearability. After 6 hours of wear, my lips did not feel dry.

Long Lasting ability: This lasted about 6+ hours (after that it was more apparent on the outer rim of my lip) including eating and drinking (water ;). Although it is not completely transfer proof (still moved if I wiped), it is definitely resistant to movement. After the color faded, there was still a nice lingering stain.

Pigmentation: is WOW. one swipe and it is completely opaque across the board on all my shades.

Packaging: I love the sleek package of nars products. Although it was incredibly liquidy, the square doefoot was very helpful in making very accurate and precise movement across my lips.

Overall -- I need to pick up more! LOL :) Definitely worth it if you are a matte lippie girl!

I purchased mine at sephora which comes out mid July but you can also purchase these on the Nars website or at a nars boutique :)
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